Focus Market is a community focused NFT platform that will power its own economy. With our FOCUS token, we are building a full economic ecosystem that will empower, incentivize and enrich all stakeholders in this project.


Our Mission:

To democratise photography by allowing collectors and creators to trade photo assets without boundaries

The biggest growth of any market in recent times is the photographic market. Everyone in the world has the ability to take high definition level photographs using just their smartphones.

In 2020 alone over 1.5 trillion photos were taken!
Every second counts That works out to be 45,000 photos added EVERY SECOND!
Photography for everyone The growth of photography has really been a game changer in democratising artistic talent through advances in technology. Rich or poor, the monetizing potential is huge!


The Problem

The biggest market in the world is waiting to be monetized!

Photography has some issues when it comes to unlocking creative value and monetizing your photographic assets.

Your photos are not safe as other people can use them without your permission.
Since millions of photos are produced every single minute, it can become difficult to prove ownership of your own photos.
The current Photography market is controlled by a few large firms who profiteer at the expense of the photographers.


The Solution?

Truly Democratizing the Photography Market

We believe that the true killer app for the NFT age is photography. We have developed a marketplace that allows owners of photos to mint, sell, buy and exchange photographs.

Most Lucrative Use Case for NFTs

Unlike Opensea or other NFT marketplaces, Focus Market is concentrating on the digital photography market. This is by far the most lucrative area for creators (photographers) and collectors.

Environmentally Conscious

Focus Market runs on the Ethereum network. While this is currently not the most environmentally friendly option, with the imminent release of Ethereum 2.0 it will become a lot more efficient and environmentally friendly. Furthermore, in the near future we will assess future blockchains such as Solana and Cardano and integrate them into the platform.

Community Focused

Perhaps our biggest strength is that we are community focused. This means that our upcoming FOCUS token will allow community members to vote, stake and earn a percentage of commission from each sale! This is a lucrative solution for a multi billion dollar market!

Easy to Use

No need for bank details, credit cards or worries about chargebacks. Using web3 technology transactions on our marketplace take seconds and are traded using cryptocurrencies.

Multi Billion Dollar Market

Our users will be the first to benefit from the disruptive potential of photo NFTs. This market is exploding already and growth has gone parabolic. We want our community to benefit directly from this lucrative potential!


Some Surprising Stats

Photos Taken 2020

1.4 Trillion!

Photos Taken Every Second


Estimated Value of Photos Taken in 2021

$150 Billion!



Supply: 100,000,000

Network: Ethereum

Presale Price: TBC

Presale Platform: TBC

IDO/IEO Date: Q4 2021/Q1 2022

The Focus token is the central part of the Focus Market platform. It serves as a governance and staking device for the Focus Market community.

How it Works



Create Account

Using a Web3 compatible wallet, it is easy to create an account using just a few clicks.


Mint your Photos as NFTs

Upload the photo and mint as NFT as an immutable record on the blockchain. Smart contracts do the creating for you so minting your NFT is simple as pressing a few buttons!


List your NFTs on Your Own Storefront

Our marketplace allows its users to create their own storefronts displaying all their NFTs


Multi Billion Dollar Market

Be part of a multi billion dollar market that is experiencing parabolic growth!

What's the Plan?

Next Steps




Frequently Asked Questions

The marketplace is currently going through detailed beta testing and deployment and it is expected that the public launch will be sometime in early Q1 2022. 

Focus Market is community focused from the ground up.

This means that our FOCUS token will allow community members to vote, stake and earn a percentage of the transaction fees from each sale. 

Most blockchain products these days are profit focused businesses. While this isn’t a bad thing per se, it does mean that profits dictate a quick grab and run without long term vision.

Focus Market on the other hand is community focused and we want to democratize photography further. Indeed, our aim to to allow our community of buyers, sellers, collectors and creators to benefit at all levels.

The answer is a definite YES!

The ethos and vision at Focus Market is to have the community involved at all levels. This serves many purposes.

Firstly, it puts some checks and balances on the short termism and profit motivation that other projects are sometimes plagued with.

Secondly, it incentivises our community to play an active part in the project, as we grow, they grow. This is essential for the long term vision that we have.

Finally, the FOCUS token is the central pillar underpinning this project. There are great incentives for token holders to make passive income from each transaction that takes place on the platform.

Lets define what we mean by community.

This includes the creators (sellers) and collectors (buyers) of photo NFTs.

The community also includes people to add value to the project. This can be through many different ways, including promoting, recommending, volunteering and making suggestions for improvement. Moreover, beta testers and those with technical knowledge will also be a integral part of the community.

So just to summarise, the community consists of all the users of the platform and those people involved in promoting and maintaining the project itself.

All FOCUS token holders will receive a percentage of transaction fees from each sale.

For example, if on our marketplace, the sales in a given month are $50 million, this means 2% of this value will go to the token holders as income.

We expect the community support to be huge and therefore we can safely predict that in a few short years our monthly sales can run into hundreds or millions, or even higher! This after all is a market where 1.5 trillion photos are being taken every year and the monetary value of the market is running into hundreds of billions of dollars a year.

So, to summarise, with the support of the community, all FOCUS token holders will be earning great passive income that will continue to increase exponentially!

Yes. We want you!

And you will receive FOCUS token airdrops in return!

So first and foremost, we are looking for established photographers/ digital photo artists to get involved in onboarding for our Beta.

We are also looking for influencers on the social media platforms such as Youtube, Twitter, Instagram etc.

We also require people with sizeable followings on any social platform to promote this project.

Please fill in the Google form here to apply.

ALL those chosen will receive airdrops of the FOCUS token.



Paul Hamilton
Artistic Advisor
Viktoriia Goshovska
Admin Coordinator
Dr Anton MashiKhin
Blockchain Engineer
Dr Yelena Smirnova
Strategy Director
Darius Kasiulynas
Product Designer
Natalia Rossini
Junior Developer
Alina Jankovskaja
Marketing Director
Dr Stephen Harrison
Jason Prine
Front End Developer
Ali Khan
Adam ZelFel
Development Advisor- CEO BlockCzech